All Six Students In The Dormitory Were Admitted To Tsinghua University And Peking University

- Jun 26, 2018-

All Six Students in the Dormitory were Admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University

       "Classes provide an atmosphere of learning in the classroom, and the atmosphere of the dorm is what comes after school.therefore I propose to work together to formulate the dormitory treaty and to observe it conscientiously and strictly.""Kuang said.

       He shows the sign to the reporter has six names of dormitory convention: when the night lessons after half an hour, can do personal interior, chat, eat snacks, can bring out the problems in the learning process of the day to discuss;11:10 after that, you must keep quiet and study hard for yourself.0:00 turn off the dormitory lights to ensure the sleeping time of the dormitory members.

       These six young from changsha, hengyang, yueyang, respectively, had very different living habits, but since I have the bedroom treaty, their study, the life pace is highly consistent.

       "Don't underestimate the 1 hour 20 minute  in this dormitory, the progress of study outside of the class, that is, at 1 hour 20 minute every day.

When teacher CAI zhonghua assigned a unified task to the chemistry group, we would do it together in the dormitory and ask each other how they were going before turning off the lights.

      This is also the "secret" to dorm 224's success."Kuang said.

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