Always Be Thankful To The People Around You.

- Oct 19, 2016-

When graduated from university, I came to Tinya and had my first job--works as an Foreign trade salesman. I had some experience in sales before, but I know nothing about foreign trade.

Before working, I was told to learn with KIKI, an excellent girl. She taught me foreign trade knowledge, starting with the most basic things, strict but with much patience. With her help, I made a lot of progress. She takes much care of me. After work, chatting with me and having fun with me.

The girl who lives with me, named Cherry, is a very industrious and beautiful girl, always helps me whenever I meet trouble in life or work.


Those kind people from Tinya, moved me much, I appreciate them very much. Even our cleaning aunt keeps encouraging me since the day I came Tinya.

I really thankful of those people. They enrich my life. Ill be always thankful to the people around me.

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