An Agreement Was Reached With Greece That Macedonia Would Change Its Name

- Jun 13, 2018-

An agreement was reached with Greece that Macedonia would change its name

        June 12, after several rounds of talks, the two governments reached an agreement, Greece and Macedonia is the kingdom of the republic of Macedonia will change the Greek prime minister qi plath: Macedonia agreed to put their name renamed Mr Weiner Macedonia, translated into Greek is the north of Macedonia. 

        Macedonia between Macedonia and Greece gridlock has lasted for 27 years 

        After the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, was one of the yugoslav republics of Macedonia to the republic of Macedonia's name is independent, but met with stiff opposition in Greece, thought this name implied in Macedonia in northern Greece province territorial claims as a result, Macedonia to the name of the former yugoslav republic of Macedonia in 1993 to join the United Nations, since Macedonia foreign still use the name of the republic of Macedonia constitution

Macedonia has recently sought to join NATO and the European Union, but has repeatedly been blocked by Greece, a member of both groups


      In June 2017, Macedonia, the new government to start negotiations with Greece According to introducing, due to the name of the republic of Macedonia is determined by its own constitution, so to change the name must first through the program in a referendum on constitutional amendments, then pass its parliament voted, can put into practice;

The Greek government must also submit the agreement with the Macedonian government to the country's parliament for approval

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