Appreciation And Analysis Of Small Aristocrats Cosmetic Case

- Jan 14, 2016-

Since the late 19th century, more and more Western aristocratic women keen on a variety of social events, they dressed up in finery and bamboos to linger in the theatre, dance and other cultural salon. For the purposes of these ladies love, keep the elegant style and beautiful makeup is crucial. Social etiquette in the West, and makeup in public is considered to be a manifestation of disrespect, so, you can hide powder, lipstick, little makeup box became the aristocratic women in the life of the fixture.

The birth of an exquisite makeup box is made up of more complex procedures, coordination of these processes involve multiple types of craftsmen: on the sheet metal, engraving, enamel, precious stones sculpture, decoration, mosaic, sculpture, etc. Each step in the production process requires careful operation, linked to each other, once error, disqualified. Throughout the 20th century, those wearing high fashion, wealthy and attractive mature ladies, stylish women who continue to pursue makeup Kit luxury appearance and exquisite craft, these small cosmetic case full of magic as a private collection, that became a symbol of their identity and status. In different periods of the 20th century of ups and downs, design and technology of powder box, also adjust the background changes, followed by fashion weather vane appears various styles, became the epitome of mainstream art and fashion trends.

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