Are Lies Necessary In Our Life

- Apr 10, 2018-

Are Lies Necessary in Our Life 

      In our daily life ,it is common for people to tell lies ,including white lies and black lies.This reveals a fact that to tell the truth is not always essential and on some occasions it is necessary to tell lies.The remark of Howard Mel 'we all tell lies -little lies ,big lies ,necessity lies in order to insure social and psychological peace  and comfort also has the similar meaning.

         Most people tell white lies out of love ,hoping that others can be ressured and comfortable .There is no doubt that these nice lies are harmless and well-intended.However,sometimes we need to be honest when researchers conduct experiments .it is telling the truth that  counts.

         Lies are necessary in our life .But we can not live on lies.between white lies and black lies,We'd better choose the former ,between white lies and the truth,we'd better choose the latter.

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