As A Key Member Of The Sco, China Plays An Important Role

- Jun 12, 2018-

As a key member of the sco, China plays an important role.In handling international affairs, China has always advocated the equality dialogue rather than conflict, calls for cooperation and development, rather than each other sanctions, reveal a responsible big country style, become a strong security safeguarding regional and world stability, pull the surrounding countries and the important engine of global economic development.The world needs China, and so does the sco's development.


When it comes to China's role, we must talk about the One Belt And One Road initiative.In the past five years, China under the framework of the initiative, and the world, including the sco member states, the allied mutually beneficial and win-win bilateral and multilateral cooperation, for national economic and social development along the injected with strong power.China's influence in this organization and on the international stage is growing.



Making full use of the sco platform to promote economic development is a topic of common concern to all parties.Since its expansion, the sco enjoys greater geographical and economic advantages, and countries should strengthen cooperation in the field of transportation.In addition, it is in the interest of most member states to promote the construction of sco financing platforms and discuss issues such as "One Belt And One Road" construction and the integrated development of the sco.

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