Bathroom Cabinet

- Jun 20, 2018-

The surface material of the bathroom cabinet can be divided into natural stone, jade, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking paint, glass, metal and solid wood. The base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, it is covered by the surface material. Substrate is the deciding factor of bathroom cabinet quality and price. The main types of table basins are natural Dali Taiwan, jade, artificial marble, ceramics and so on. Most high-grade bathroom cabinets are made of natural marble or jade with ceramic pots. Medium and low-grade direct ceramic pots.

In the bathroom cabinet, the existing two categories: wooden cabinet is usually only European neoclassical, Chinese new classical and rural field three styles, but the modern sense is not good; the modern sense of the metal cabinet is strong enough, but the expressive force of the new classical and rural pastoral style is obviously insufficient. Functionally, the waterproofing, moisture proof, mildew proof, bacteria proof and insect proof of the wooden cabinet are not good. It is easy to crack and deform for a long time. The existing metal cabinet, such as the waterproof, damp proof and mildew proof, good proof and insect resistance of the stainless steel cabinet, gives a cold feeling. Generally speaking, wooden cabinets are more upscale, but are not waterproof and moistureproof. Metal cabinets are waterproof and moistureproof, but the grade is not high. But in the style of performance, it is incomplete. With the existence of fatal deficiencies in the two major categories, the market calls for a revolutionary new category.

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Rotating Makeup Organizer (1).jpg

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