Bathroom Cabinet Maintains

- Jul 03, 2018-

1. When handling the bathroom cabinets, they should be lifted lightly and not dragged hard. When placed, the floor is uneven and the legs should be cushions.

2, do not expose to the sun in the bathroom cabinet, do not place too much in the dry place, placed in the appropriate ventilation.

3, the bathroom cabinet has cracks, can be mixed with paint and paint, after mixing and plugging, in order to keep the long time not bad, but the putty and pigment should be consistent with the color of the original pigment, so as not to leave scar;

4, often use soft cloth for the bathroom cabinet to dust, before going to dust, spray some detergent on soft cloth, do not use dry cloth to wipe;

5, regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, use paste wax as a layer of wax on the bathroom cabinet.

6, bathroom cabinet daily cleaning: ceramic basin daily cleaning can be cleaned with water and detergent, soapy water and so on;

7, the bathroom cabinet ceramic pot scratching treatment: the ceramic basin surface should always keep clean, dust sand in time to clear the surface of a square abrasion, when the surface of the ceramic basin scratches, can be painted a little toothpaste on the scratch, soft dry cloth repeatedly wipe, wax, can make the bathroom cabinet surface smooth as new.

Because of the environment of the bathroom cabinet, the water will often come into contact with the water, the environment is wet, and the bathroom cabinet needs more attention and maintenance compared with the other uses, and more attention should be paid to the long life of the bathroom cabinet.

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Clear Acrylic Makeup Drawers (1).jpg

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