Be A Civilized Tourist

- May 02, 2018-

Be a civilized tourist

      A long holiday has just passed,and a lot of people must have taken advantage of the holiday.At this  time,there will always be a lot of uncivilized tourists,thay have done a lot of uncivilized behavior in each scenic spot.

      First of all,the most commom is littering,and the uncivilized tourists will pollute the environment every time when they go to  a place,such as discarded paper acraps.drinking bottles and so on.Another commom phenomenon is doodling,which is very uncivilized bahavior.

     This morning,a colleague of our company shared a news with us.He said that one of the tourists went to the zoo and ha pulled out the peacock's hair.As we all know,the peacock is on beautiful hair to attract the opposite sex,the poor peacock was pilled out after MAO,feel can't get the favor oh the opposite sex,thus bagan a hunger strike,this is how painful thing.

     Be a civilized tourists,is not only beneficial to others,but alsoto you,hope we can all be a civilized tourist,protect animals,protect the environment,protect the earth.



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