Be A Good Listener

- Mar 23, 2018-

Be a Good Listener

        Just as the remark goes 'be a  good listener,encourages others to talk about themselves.'The quotation indicated the significance of the listening.aA good listener can show the respect for others as well as promoted mutual understanding.

       For listening skill is keypoint to communicate with others smoothly.Many people want to talk to their sadness ,share their happy with others.But most of people don't realized that we need to a good listener before you want to tallk to your happy and unhappy.Without a good listener ,When we want to talk to something ,Nobody listen to you.thus ,we ought to learn to become a good listener ,who is listen with heart ,don't necessry say something just listening.Only in this way can we find out what the speaker would really like to say and then get closer to him.

       To sum up,what i want to stress is that we need to put more emphasis on listening during the communication.What we should do is to listen more ,because good listener can really enable us to understand each better.

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