Be Grateful To Our Parents

- Mar 29, 2018-

Be Grateful to Our Parents

      There is an old saying 'thanksgiving is a spiritual treasure.'In our life ,many people have helped us and we should apprecaite them our parents who deserve our appreciation most.

      As a child ,we should spend more time to accompany our parents,however,most of adult ,always take their parents' love and care for granted.We ought to realized that our parents will older when we growth,

and they need to our care and our love.Anyway ,we should take care them and repay more love to them.As the saying goes, son wants to keep, but kiss is we should cherish every day with our parents. 

        Since the first day we were born,it is our parents who give us all their love but expect nothing in return.In order to make our life better ,they endure a lot of hardships.therefore ,we should be grateful our parent and respect them

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