Beautiful Girl Kiki

- Nov 23, 2016-

Beautiful girl Kiki


Hello! Good morning! This is Lucy Xiang, Nice to meet you again! & Welcome to Shenzhen Tinya plastic product Co, Ltd. I would like to introduce a beautiful girl Kiki.

She is my teamleader, a very beautiful high young happy fashionable girl. She love to laugh, She has a lively sense of humour and appears naturally confident. She always has her smart opinion, and It was a courageous decision, and one that everybody admired.

She is very patient to teach our new member’s in the acrylic product, as well as teach our how to make a deal more smoothly and others and will help us to analyze the questions or some difficult issue when it happen in the work. She is very kind and generous and very sensible, she share her customer to our new members. I really say thank you to her help. She is not only my colleague, my teacher, my teamleader also my best friends.

I wish my best friend happy always!


Lucy Xiang

[main product: acrylic cosmetic display makeup organizer, acrylic phone accessories display, acrylic e cigarette display, and others]

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