Beautiful Molded White Black ABS Cosmetic Organizer Cosmetic Store Display

- Jun 08, 2017-

beautiful molded white black ABS cosmetic organizer cosmetic store display

Shenzhen Tinay Plastic Product Co., Ltd. in China

Our Advantages

1. Other suppliers offer competitive prices, we only offer competitive quality. Our products are all made of high quality imported acrylic processing. Never use recycled material, so our product with following advantages, like high transparency, long service life, high hardness and not easily yellow.


2. Experienced staff to ensure product quality. No bubbles, no overflow glue, no scratches.


3. Strict factory management system. From raw materials, opening to the processing and packaging, are strictly controlled by the QC.


4. Professional designer. For the company regularly design new products. We can provide customers with free 3d design for customer reference.

Today product is our molsed product:

This product is made of the ABS plastic, its size is 270*270*340 MM. It have 3 colors as you can see, white, black, pink, having two shelves. It can place the sun spray, puff cake, nail polish, lipstick and do on. And the top also can place lipstick and makeup brush.

Because it is molded product, not hand-made product, so the price is very cheap. It is popular with many young girls and cosmetic shop because the cheap price, high quality and fashionable looking. 

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