Beautiful Women Mountaineers With Waste Bin Paste Makeup Kit

- Jan 14, 2016-

See Rong Lu first must be "hot" to describe chocolate complexion, legs slim and trim. Only Sun-black and white cheeks, mouth has a sunburn, which is high altitude hiking left her "brand".

She was just a mother soon, but last week, she left her husband and their 9-month-old daughter, Sichuan Ganzi, Lentigo mountain at an altitude of more than 6,000 meters completed a climb, this is her 5 year 3rd 5000 metres above sea level high above the peak.

She gave herself a Tibetan name, called Maggie rooms. She said, this is from the "majiemi" evolved. In the Tibetan language, "majiemi" means mother, teenage dream.

Mountain lover

"At that time, and then back down the mountain, do not work well, emotions are not going well, so many unhappy things, is not enough to compare with the limits of life. ”

Rong Lu hongqihegou, Jiangbei district in an old neighborhood, who lives in the attic, no elevator, she and her husband climb the 9-story building every day. Is not new in the House, hanging on the wall a lot of photos while traveling show hostesses love to travel, she discarded cardboard photo frame made, decorative rope fell on the side, revealing traces of plaster.

Just from the snow returned to the city of Ganzi in Sichuan Rong Lu, a stylish dress: a thick-soled sandals, shorts, vest and glasses, fingers and toes are covered with mixed colored Nail Polish. A few days ago, she just reached an altitude of more than 6,000 meters of Sparrow hills, Sun-peeling face, black and white, which makes many women shunned her age with her sunburns, it is from high altitude mountaineering.

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