Called Big Brother, Putin Said: I Feel Very Embarrassed. Is This The Boss's Money?

- May 31, 2018-

[global network reporter Zhao Huifang] the Russian President Putin and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boriso held a meeting on May 30th local time to discuss the prospect of cooperation between the two countries.Russian news reported that at the news conference on the same day, Borisoff apologized to Putin for the "Nanxi" natural gas project, and said that Russia was "old brother", and Putin felt "embarrassed" about it.

In 2014, the Bulgarian government rejected Russia's refusal to lay "Nanxi" gas pipeline in its territory, and Russia and Turkey signed a project agreement on the construction of the "Turkey Creek" gas pipeline. During his visit to Russia, Putin said that Russia and Turkey both supported the extension of the "Turkey Creek" gas pipeline to Bulgaria. At the same time, Putin added that Russia is willing to restart the cooperation project of the Baleni nuclear power plant which was suspended in 2012.

At a press conference held on the 30 day, Borisoff apologized to Putin for failing to cooperate on the Nanxi natural gas project, and said he was grateful to Russia for not having a grudge against the breakdown of cooperation. "Old brother is always tolerant." In this regard, Putin replied that when the "big brother", who is the "brother", he would "feel very embarrassed, because the old man is always urged to pay."

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