China And The United States Agreed To Increase Exports Of U.S. Agricultural Products

- May 22, 2018-

China and the United States agreed to increase exports of U.S. agricultural products

       China and the United States in Washington, a joint statement published on bilateral economic and trade negotiations, the two sides agreed to significantly increase the export agricultural products and energy in the United States, the United States will send delegations to China to discuss specific issues, experts say, as the world's biggest consumer of agricultural products, increasing agricultural imports in China, can improve the effective supply of the domestic market increased consumer choice, to average consumer is a good thing.

       The diet has a pivotal position in the lives of Chinese people, to increase agricultural imports, promote Chinese and foreign food culture exchange, is also one of the important channel for the Chinese and foreign people are interlinked Livestock import and export chamber of commerce, vice President of China food soil show that we are on the basis of mutual respect and win-win cooperation, to more and better agricultural imports into China, the table to provide more choice for the rich people.

        China is the first big export markets for agricultural products in the United States, the agricultural cooperation between China and the United States is an important part of bilateral economic and trade cooperation in Lou said, as the world's most dynamic edible agricultural products market, China to increase agricultural imports, promote trade facilitation, provides good development opportunities for all kinds of agricultural imports at the same time, also can better reference for agricultural science and technology of the advanced experience of developed countries and, in the service of our country agriculture industrial upgrading, bring more happiness to the people life.

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