China Has Lowered Import Tariffs On Some Countries In The Asia-pacific Trade Agreement

- Jun 27, 2018-

China has Lowered Import Tariffs on Some Countries in the Asia-pacific Trade Agreement

        China will cut the tariff rate on soyabean imports from India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Laos and Sri Lanka from 3% to zero from July 1. China's state council announced on Tuesday that it would cut import tariffs on soybeans from some asia-pacific countries and released a list of other products with lower tariffs.

      Since july 1, India South Korea  Laos and Bangladesh Sri Lanka soybean import tariff rate from 3% to zero the list include chemicals, medical supplies of agricultural products clothing steel and aluminum products, these products are for different levels of tariff rate cut.

       Notification by the customs tariff commission of the state council on the implementation of the second amendment tariff rates of the asian-pacific trade agreement

Tax committee 2018, 27, 

The general administration of customs: 

       According to the law of the People's Republic of China on import and export tariff regulations and approved by the state council's Asia - Pacific trade agreement the second amendment, decision since July 1, 2018, the native to Bangladesh to India Laos Korea Sri Lanka applicable to imported goods at Asia - Pacific trade agreement the second amendment to the agreement.

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