Chinese People Are Having More And More Holidays

- Jun 04, 2018-

Recently, many people around me are planning where to go for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday.The Dragon Boat Festival holiday originated in 2008. From this year, the state council stipulates that three traditional festivals, namely tomb-sweeping day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn festival, will be closed for three days. Nowadays, it is not only a holiday, but many people also choose to take short trips and Tours on weekends.

China's current vacation system has gone through a long process of development. From the early stages of reform and opening up a week take a day off, then on the big weekend rest, small weekend two days rest one day, to the "weekend" appeared after 1995, the "golden week" holidays in 1999, to 2008 three Chinese traditional holiday, in 2015 "2.5 days leave mode"...The number of holiday days increases with China's economic and social development, productivity and production efficiency, and income level.

Experts told reporters that in the new era, people are looking forward to a better life. They are not only concerned about the "golden week", but also about how to take a better vacation and improve their happiness by taking a vacation.Therefore, it is very important to further improve the vacation system, implement the paid vacation system, and improve the quality of citizens' leisure.

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