College Entrance Examination, An Interpretation Of The Way Of Struggle

- Jun 05, 2018-

The night battle of the lights, the hard reading of the case, the book mountain, the sea... In the past few years, many students will welcome the entrance exam. They are about to enter the entrance examination room to fight for youth and dreams. It's not easy to learn. Everyone feels empathy. So, at this moment, we wish the candidates to show their true talents and success.

For the examinee, the college entrance examination is the first big test in life, and this test, because of historical reasons, has immaterial the fierce competition of "a thousand horses and a horse bridge", and is generally regarded as an important watershed in life. This dimension makes students who are ignorant of the world feel nervous and anxious for their parents. This kind of emotion is the derivative of the college entrance examination. If it is the appropriate degree, it can also have a positive effect on the study and examination, but if it is excessive, I am afraid that it will be violated. After all, many years later, a lot of people found that a college entrance examination is not a "win all" and "lose a lifetime" of the revolving door, because it is known after it, life is a long way, the college entrance examination is only the beginning.

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