College Students ' Self-made Bamboo Chopsticks Makeup Free Girls

- Jan 14, 2016-

The national day holiday, University School of mechanical engineering of the three gorges second-year Chen failed to return home, also didn't go out to play, but stayed in the bedroom making a special birthday gift. Yesterday, Chen told reporters that the gift is made of 500 bamboo chopsticks makeup Kit.

Reporters came to Chen bedroom, bed, stocked with a wide variety of knives, electric mill, glue, triangular feet, making tools such as compasses, small components such as drawer bed there had been completed. "Xiaoping next month my good friend's birthday, but she's studying in Wuhan, I cannot celebrate her personally, so I want to make a practical gift for her. "Chen said, in General, little jewelry girl more, so he's going to do a jewelry box.

Then, he related to the Internet looking for pictures, chopsticks made pictures the most creative of the jewelry box. First, he uses cartons made a similar template, and hyacinth draw the scoop. Finally, he bought 500 bamboo chopsticks from small shops, bought from Taobao tools. To ensure the cosmetic case the overall effect, Chen to put the chopsticks in the second selection, aims to make weight, colour and consistent texture. Since then, from noon to midnight, 10 hours a day of carving, cutting and sticking.

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