Consensus And Opportunity Call For Action

- Jun 12, 2018-

The Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) summit in Qingdao has been successfully held, and the Chinese plan has once again become the focus of global attention.Over the past few years, a series of initiatives put forward by President xi jinping have had a positive and far-reaching impact on international politics and the world economy.President xi's speech at the Qingdao summit pointed the way for further strengthening cooperation among sco member states and further enhanced the sco's influence on the international stage.


Since its establishment, the cooperation between the member states of the Shanghai cooperation organization is increasingly expanding, the goal of cooperation to promote step by step, cooperation, the sco's international influence is also rising.Need to emphasize that the sco's activities, as always, not to third countries and between countries, but is committed to become the member countries, the organization and conduct mutually beneficial cooperation between other countries and international organizations.

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