Creative Acrylic Wine Packing Box

- Sep 09, 2020-

Creative acrylic wine packing box

  China has a long history of wine culture for thousands of years. Chinese people often say "no wine, no pleasure" and "No wine, no drink". When visiting friends and relatives during the New Year holidays, we always bring two bottles of wine as a gift, which is indicated the importance of wine in Chinese people’s life. In addition to the wine surrounding wine bottles, now wine packaging gift boxes are also a variety of paper, wood, acrylic, and so on. Traditional drinks are mostly gifts for middle-aged and elderly men. With the rise of China's economy, the trend of South Korean dramas, and the explosion of barbecue in Northeast China, wine has instead transformed from a timeless classic culture into a representative of young fashion. Young people are also more and more love wine, eat Korean army hot pot must point sake, barbecue beer is also indispensable when the dance is more tie-in wine. The market also gradually appeared in young people's wine gifts. Small make up to introduce a creative acrylic wine packaging box.

  Of course, young people's wine gift packaging and wine gift packaging is not the same as the elderly, relative to the elderly like a solemn luxury, young people's gifts more fashionable, young, freedom and energetic. This acrylic wine packaging box is aimed at young women. Outside large area nifty wave dot is constituted, vogue is contracted and contemporary, resemble suitcase of a shrink version, can place a bottle of foreign wine and a wine cup inside. This product can be given to girls as a gift. You can take it with you when you go on an outing. You can customize the size of wine bottles and wine glasses. The wine packaging box is really innovative.

  This creative acrylic packing box is made by Tinya Acrylic Products Factory. The product is mainly composed of acrylic materials with little metal accessories. Acrylic appearance is glossy, use years can reach several decades, can treasure wine, can also receive other items. Want to customize creative acrylic products, welcome inquire!

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