Deaf Girls Who Read Lip Language Were Admitted To Tsinghua University

- Jun 20, 2018-

Deaf Girls Who Read Lip Language were Admitted to Tsinghua University

      The chinese hellen keller Jiangmengnan, the dream of jiangnan, the name of the girl must be as graceful as the south of misty rain , as beautiful as lilacs. 

Jiang mengnan, a yao girl, is indeed such a girl. You will be amazed at how much god cares for her.

But if you read her story, you'll see how shallow the praise is

A 26-year-old woman named jiang mengnan, attracted attention on tsinghua university's doctoral admission list this year

When jiang mengnan was half a year old, she was deaf in both ears due to drugs. In the silent world, how did she learn and grow up, surpassing most of her peers

Although life gave Jiangmengnan more challenges, but she put the watch as a gift of fate, the good girl said: "god gave us shut the door, but will be in other place to open a window for us.

Can only rely on lips, see the teacher blackboard writing, and learn to keep up with school learning process, but when she is not only the college entrance examination result was admitted to college of jilin university with 615 points, and also get scholarships for many times, after finish in jilin university continue to study for a graduate degree, and through the school of life sciences, tsinghua university doctoral candidate at the interview.

In September, jiang will begin her PhD program at tsinghua university.

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