Different People Should Have Different Living Law

- Oct 27, 2016-

Everyone in the office of our company has to read the book 《Living Law》, written by a famous Japanese writer, every day. We read about half an hour, sharing our reader response with others after reading.

As a matter of fact, I don’t learn anything from the book, because there are too many viewpoints I disagree with. I have to admit there are some viewpoints being right. Such as If a business wants to succeed, it must be innovative and its staff should be steadfast in work. But most viewpoints I think are absurd, such as an enterprise wants to be successful, it should  use mediocre people but not a genius one. The writer thinks ,《Turtle and the Hare》, the rabbit lost because it seeks short-term successes and quick profits. My colleague and I even doubt if the writer knows what the story is about and if he got the correct understanding of genius and mediocrity.

whatever, I think different people should have different living law. We needn’t to be entangled with how to live, but do ourselves and live a good life. Care for people around you and enjoy their love.

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