Experience Is The Best Teacher

- Mar 20, 2018-

Experience is the best teacher

     yesterday,the leader reviewed the new couple,mainly to test our familiarity with the production process.The results were terrible,and all the new people were not fully qualified,they were all half-hearted.The leader asks if we often go to the production line to see how the workers operate?Do you see why the product has problem and how do you solve them?Our answer is no.

    The leader clearly pointed out our shortcomings.He told us that it is not enough to get familiar with the products,and the theoretical knowledge of light learning is not feasible.Practice is the best teacher.He also advised us.Sometimes you can learn how to make a product with the workers.

    So from now on,I have learned a truth,can never ignore the importance of practice,only to practice,can discover the problem ,can know how to solve the problem.

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