Flower Arrangement

- Mar 13, 2018-

hello ,everyone ,this is Anne 

today I introduce the acrylic flower display case 

now I would like to talk about  flower arrangement 

        Flower arrangement (floarr), also known as flower arranging art, is the flower in bottle dish basin, such as containers, rather than planted flowers inserted in the container, or branches or flowers or leaves, does not take root, is only part of the plant body, and is not inserted at random, but according to a certain idea to select material, follow certain rules, plugged into a graceful form (shape), a message of the theme, pass a kind of emotion and interest, make the person look after the feast for the eyes, get spiritual beauty and pleasure Flower arrangement is an ancient traditional Chinese cultural phenomenon, mostly to meet the needs of the subjective and the emotion, also is a special way of daily life for entertainment Flower arrangement is the result of the ancient folk love flowers picking flowers and flowers give flowers ZanHua

       Bouquet of flowers material fixed in two ways: one is with a wire tie Every flower Each line leaf, fine wire wrapped with tangle on green tape again after modelling Another is to use a dedicated receptacle with flower mud, will spend in modelling is inserted into the receptacle, this method is simple convenient

       Our product(acrylic flower display stands) is the flower mud,you can show your flower with the acrylic display stands

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