Follow Your Own Course

- Mar 15, 2018-

                                                    follow your own course

        As an saying'follow your own course and let other people talk' what can we learn this sentence?

maybe author of the saying is want to advice us that don't let the noise of the others'opinions drown out our own inner voice.

        In my mind ,many people was influence by around voice such as their firends parents and classmate and colleague.when you want to learn a new course ,your firends say it is very difficult ,don't waste your time ,it not worth it.And you give up doing to learn the course,however,you inner voice is want to try it even though will be fail finally. when you want to going to a new place to exercise yourself and broaden your horizons.but your parent worry about you ,don't want to you go out ,they tell you that the outside is very danger,you give up again.  

In my opinions we should follow our own coursefollow our mind to live that is our life,if you totally follow others' opinions ,it is not your life .so when you want to learn a new course ,just do it don't hesitate.when you want to going to a new place ,go,but don't forget go home to stay with family.sometime you could listen around voice but don't give up follow your own course.

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