From Pen Box To Acrylic Pen And Pencil Holder

- May 29, 2018-

A pencil box, a box for students to hold stationery, such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc. There are many kinds of texture, such as wood, iron, plastic and so on, with different shapes and cuboid shapes.

The iron stationery box is generally not too fancy design, relative to the wooden and plastic stationery box, iron is not easy to deform, damage, it is very practical, very suitable for primary school students.

Plastic stationery boxes are bright and colorful, but there are no iron stationery boxes to resist falling and anti deformation. It is popular among primary and middle school students in the mass market, and even college students sometimes use it.

Wooden stationery box is very rare, it is carved with a variety of graphics, but the primary and secondary students often do not use it, the reason is that its color is too monotonous, so the wooden stationery box gradually thinning up.

There is also a stationery box made of cloth, really called "pen bag", which is a new favorite for primary and middle school students in recent years. It is convenient and practical, and is suitable for our children. There is also an automatic stationery box, which is characterized in that the outer box body and the inner box body are composed of the inner box body in a long side surface of the outer box body, and the upper hinge of the other long side of the outer box body is connected with the box cover, and the lid is a box cover connected by two narrow box cover hinges. A spring piece is arranged outside the short side of the outer box body. The spring piece passes through the cover of the outer box to the short side of the inner box body, and there are a plurality of grooves with the end of the spring sheet on the short side of the inner box body. The effect of the invention is that the automatic pencil box and the body are variable and small, and can adapt to the adjustment of the stationery. It is convenient and practical.

Below picture shows is our new arrival acrylic pen and pencil holder, you can buy it for yourshelf or your children, you can put it on your office or home desk to sort your staiontery, that will bring clean, tidy and comfortable to your life. If you are interested in our acrylic pen and pencil holder, please feel free contact us to get it.

acrylic pen and pencil holder (4).jpg

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