Golden Age Of Cosmetic Case

- Jan 14, 2016-

In 1922, the United Kingdom archaeologist Howard. Carter's discovery and excavation of ancient Egypt tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Distinct patterns, inside the tomb of the color complex mural, murals, as well as archaeological finds, becoming the earliest archaeological evidence of cosmetics. Cleopatra VII (Egypt Cleopatra) era of ancient Egypt women developed the eye makeup they apply crushed Malachite in the upper and lower eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows, make-up to enhance the color makeup of ink. The black eye shadow powder known as "antimony" ancient Egypt women believe that it can exorcise evil. Cosmetics in ancient Greece and ancient Rome have extensive application, those responsible for modulating Rouge, perfume and cream fat slave with a unifying name-"makeup after paternity", women trying to highlight their with makeup, attracting attention of the opposite sex.

To the middle ages and the Renaissance, pale, pale skin and highly respected, is seen as aristocratic life performance, so that makes the skin more white makeup, even fatal lead carbonate, such as Rouge, also became a symbol of health and youth. Prevalence of cosmetic in Europe began in the 17th century, originally a smallpox cure women used to cover her scars. In the 18th century, cosmetics is restricted to keeping mistresses and prostitutes, Queen Victoria had declared, the use of cosmetics is rude, vulgar acts. Until the late 19th century, women makeup concept has been widely accepted. Many jewelry brands wasted no time in launching the powder box, cosmetic box, jewelry box, both as a decorative part of balls, dinners, also easy to carry.

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