Green Food

- May 05, 2018-

Green Food

        As more as people focus on health diet,green food has begun to draw more and more attention by the recent years,the market demand for green food has increased dramaticlly,and all kinds of green food have emerged in an endless stream.why does green food become so popular in china?

        Above all,compared with ordinary food,green food is healthier safer and more nutritious.Moreover,nowadays,many vegetables are polluted because of the usage of agricultural chemicals,while green food is free of pollution.

       Besides,with the improvement of the living standards despite its higher price,still becomes people's favorite food.However,nowadays the market is full of real and fake green food,making many consumers confuded.Therefore,the government must strengthen the supervision and administration of green food market.besides,consumers should increase the knowledge of green food.Only in this way can green food play a more role in people's life.


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