Gua Zi

- Oct 28, 2016-

Gua Zi

Hello, This is Lucy Xiang from Shenzhen Tinya plastic product co., Ltd. How are you these days, suppose everything is very well. Cold weather means autumn go day and day and winter will come soon, so the hot selling for the Gua zi, sunflower seeds. let's talk about it today.

Gua Zi, Sunflower seeds is an indispensable snack in people's lives, Gua zi is the "leader" in the seeds. Gua zi not only can be used as snacks, but also can be used as raw materials for making pastries. Because Gua zi are plant seeds, containing a lot of oil, so Gua zi sunflower seeds or an important oil extraction raw materials. Sunflower oil in recent years by the nutritional profession respected high-end health fat.

eat directly after fried, can also be made into more flavor seeds, and delicious taste. I like the taste of Gua zi and enjoy trying different kinds. 

Lucy Xiang

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