Heaven Help Those Who Help Themselves

- Apr 17, 2018-

Heaven Help Those Who Help ThemselveS

        In modern society,quite a few people come to realize a truth universally acknowledged that heaven never helps the man who will not act.If you intend to be an accomplished person.You should start from small things instead of building castles in the air.I firmly side with the opinion that one can only succeed through acting.

      Apparently, it is ction that will eventually enable one to be successful.In the hope of pure luck of the help from heaven,one will probably end up in nothing but a total failure .XuXiaKe,a noted geographer and traveler,chose to measure the vast land of china on foot,which directly led to his masterpiece of the travels of XuXiaKe.Each and every step of him is a small action to bigger success.After all action,rather than words,plays a key role in human life.

      To sum up,it is unwise to rely on the help from others or heaven.Now step talking and just do something.

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