Hold On To Your Dreams

- Apr 18, 2018-

Hold on to Your Dreams

         We all have our dreams.However,not all the dreams can come ture,as people always give them up for some reason.If you don't want your dreams to come to naught,hold fast to your dreams and never give up.Just as the saying goes'do not for one repulse,forgo the purpose that you resolved to effect.'

       To further illustrate the importance of holding on to your dreams,I would like to take Liu Xiang as an example.Liu as the first chinese man to win an Olympic track and field medal,dreamed of defending his Olympic title an home soil.To achieve thiss fream,he was bathed with sweat on the training ground every day.What's more ,now and then he suffered injuries.However,neither the injury nor the pressure has prevented him from striving to achieve the goal.Eventually,he kept or even renewed his record in the men's 110 meter hurdle with his perseverance .

          It is true that barriers may sometimes stand in way of your dreams,but remenber success is hiding behind them.Instead of making dozens of excuses for your fuilure ,just think about Liu Xiang's story ,hold on your dreams and never give up.

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