Hot Sale Acrylic Makeup 4 Drawer

- Nov 18, 2016-

Today, we like to introduce our acrylic makeup 4 drawer to you. It is important to choose the right makeup organizer for your makeup because it will save time and make life a litter easier ans who doesnt need time saving converience especially. When it comes to getting ready to go somewhere.

The acrylic makeup drawers, It has 4 drawers, The oversize is W254*D178*H245, each drawers has divider, no handle, The drawers 1 high is 65mm, the drawers 2 high is 65mm, the drawers 3 high is 60mm, the drawers 4 high is 57mm. You can put the lipsticks, nail polish, eyelash tray, makeup brush, powder into makeup drawers. If you have it, It is good for you. Do you need it?

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