Hot Sale Clear Acrylic Storage Shelf

- Mar 21, 2018-

hot sale clear acrylic storage shelfjj-171219-1 (22).jpg

Today,I would like to introduce to you a hot sale production of our company.Acrylic transparent storage shelf.

The main raw material of this shelf is high quality acrylic,so you can rest assured that the product will be very environmentally friendly and will not fade.There are two layers on the shelf ,which makes it easier for  you to group different things,and it looks very neat and easy to choose.The products's stents are metal,which can be weighed more and the appearance will look  more upscale.

It is also important that we make a fun out of this shelf so that customers can put it in the corner so that they can save a lot of space.Of course, if you don't like this size or color,you can bring out the shape,and we will adjust it according to your requirements.How do you think our product?If you find it tempting,then hurry and find us.

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