How To Choose The Home Decoration

- Jul 10, 2018-

With the continuous deepening of the pursuit of spirit, people's choice of home ornaments is no longer a shallow collocation, to meet the initial use of functional stages, and more and more to explore the source of decorative art and culture and life style of the combination of the spiritual enjoyment of the combination of the stage. So how can people choose the home furnishings that are fond of and have details, simply analyze them.

Home furnishings, like fashion, represent your personal taste.

First look at the quality, the style must be in line with their taste and aesthetic, and then the workmanship to elaborate, the so-called fine refers to the lack of defects, but the style requires simple design is often deliberately made to be not particularly delicate shape, and the pursuit of its vividness. For example, the manual car model, it is a very rough surface but very careful, but very careful, but very vivid, especially vivid, this kind of home adornment is deeply loved by men.

According to the space selection of different types of Arts and crafts living room is a guest room, visiting guests stay here longer, in order to be pleasing to the eye, can choose some very modern style ornaments; dining room or kitchen ornaments bright colors, lively and relaxed works help to promote the pleasure of the atmosphere of the meal; the bedroom can be wanton choice A collection with personal color or commemorative meaning.

In addition, the value of home decoration should also be valued.

The difference between handicraft and artwork is quantity, artwork is original, and handicraft is allowed mass production. However, the value of handicrafts is still worth our popular favor. The characteristics of handicrafts are based on the design, the processing and drawing of skilled art workers, and so on. Because each worker's technology, understanding and perception are different, it will produce the unique and slightly different temperament. This is the value of the arts and crafts. Of course, the amount of money determines the value of its own value. How to measure it? This can only be relatively large or less, for example, in your circle of friends, most people do not have this kind of East, that you have, its value increases, on the contrary it is reduced.

Considering the usefulness of the home decorations now, it is no longer limited to a vase or a frame. Even if it is a meal and chopsticks and bottles and cans used for dressing, it can be regarded as a home ornament. Previously, the dishes placed in the cabinet were "invited" to the tray rack of the table, and a special cotton cover cloth was used, which was both beautiful and practical. The food shovel, the soup spoon and the kitchen knife all hang on the wall, the transparent seasoning bottle, the snow-white Western dish, the orange red washbasin, the drawer in the partition board, the necessities of these kitchens, now have been closely linked with the home decorations, put these items in the kitchen, it is really a beautiful scenery line.

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