How To Deal Disappointments

- Apr 13, 2018-

How to Deal with Disappointments

        When it comes to dealing with disappointments,there are two totally different reactions: a negative one and a positive one.The aspiring idea goes to the positive one:positive reactions to the disappointment lead to a better life.I can't agree with it more.

         When facing disappointments people are likely to complain instead of trying to analysis the reasons behinds them.On the contrary,if people react positively towards disappointments.They will learn how to struggle against adversity.This isn't pieces of cake,but it's the only effective way to handle the inevitable part o life.In the movie Forrest Gump,the hero forrest gump has a difficult childhood,his low intelligence and disabled feet give people the reasons for teasing him.Only his mother,a proud single woman,believe in forrest and wants her son to live a normal life.Only by holding that belief,foreest gump,though disabled,live a fabulous life and gives us a deep impression.

       In situation that we have nothing of value to lose ,we seldom experience disappointments are inevitable and even valuable in everyone's life.What we can do is to accept them and then try to use them somehow.

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