How To Make The Acrylic Lipsticks Holder

- Oct 25, 2016-

Hello Everyone. I am Cherry from Shenzhen Tinya Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. Today. I want to introduce how to make the acrylic lipsticks holder. It has 5 steps.


Steps 1. We calculate size first, then we put the acrylic sheet 1.22*2.44m cut into one by one, the size we need

Steps 2. Each acrylic board need drill machine to polish edge. we make sure the each of board edge is smooth and flat. In this way, it convenient our glue it and not scratching somebody.

Steps 3. We do some limiting stopper first, It function of a fixed position and convenient we better do the acrylic lipsticks holder. Then, our professional to glue it.

Steps 4. The glue is ready, our quality department  to check it. The size is correct? The display is strong? The display have a lot of bubbles?

Steps 5.  The display is ok, we need to clean it and packing it.


 I introduced the step of acrylic lipsticks holder. Now, do you know how to make the acrylic lipsticks holder, right? Do you interested in our acrylic lipsticks holder? Thanks for your viewing.






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