How To Protect Your Acrylic Product

- Nov 28, 2016-

  Acrylic goods are very attractive pieces of plastic.Owners of acrylic must provide regular maintenance to acrylic in order to keep the material attractive and presentable.

  If you are working with a new sheet of acrylic, leave the thin protective masking film on for as long as possible.

  For a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust and eliminates static, apply a thin, clean, soft cloth.

  Avoid dropping your acrylic item. Dropping is the primary cause of cracking and chipping.

  Never use sharp tools, such as a razor blades or putty knives, to remove dirt or foreign material from an acrylic surface.

You should only use a mild solution of soap, gentle detergent, and water to clean the plastic. And always remember never use abrasive cleansers, abrasive pads, or gritty cloths when you clean acrylic.

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