How To Use The Cosmetics

- Jun 25, 2018-

Concealer: since the creation of Concealer in 1954, various kinds of effective products, such as antibacterial, sunscreen and moisturizing ingredients, have been put on display.

The tips for using the concealer are as follows:

You should choose one that can match your complexion.

Apply to the central point of the defect, then sweep the inside and outside with a small brush.

If you want to cover up the dark circles, you can choose a concealer that is lighter than the skin color.

If you want to cover up the scar, you should choose a color system that is two lighter than the skin color.

Eye shadow: binocular is the window of the soul. It can not be ignored when making up. Note that eyebrows must be trimmed regularly because it affects the contour of the entire face. The eyebrow must be pulled up in the direction of eyebrow growth, as far as possible to clear the eyebrow of the wool, to highlight the lines of eyebrows, and must be based on the shape of the eyebrow, the eyebrow part must be maintained. To make the sparse eyebrows look plump, use eyebrows to sweep the eye shadow with your hair and complexion to make it look natural and soft.

Rouge: Rouge can be used to strengthen and improve the cheek contour. Whether you want to look gorgeous or healthy, you must choose a rouge that matches your complexion. Light coloured rouge is suitable for general complexion, while strong color is more suitable for dark complexion. When you fill the rouge, you should sweep the rouge evenly on the cheeks with a big rouge. Remember to gently brush the rouge point by point. Do not sweep a large amount of rouge in the same area. You can also brush the rouge in front, temples and jaws to make the complexion look more rosy. If you want to make the facial outline more prominent, try to sweep the cheekbone on the cochineal powder, but clean it evenly and softly. Do not sweep the rouge into a rectangular shape to make the makeup look unnatural. You can also use Rouge milk, which is smoother than powdered rouge, but the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to use. It is best to dip the fingertips first so that the heat of the hand can soften it lightly, making it easier to spread evenly. In the carve of makeup, ordinary women and professional make-up, the exquisite degree of makeup is hard demand, bare hand or eye shadow, face profile modification leads to makeup, lack of flexibility.

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