I've Been Working For A Month.

- Mar 22, 2018-

I have been working a month 

   Just as every girl will fantasize about who she will marry in the future,I believe that everyone will think about where they will be and what kind of work they will do.

   I used to think about my first job was, and I thought it was full of surprises and surprises,and I felt sure that every day would be incredibly exciting.

   Graduation day soon came,and i also took part in the work .My first job,now this job,is a foreign trade salesman.Being a foreign trade salesman is not as easy as he thinks, there are many aspects of knowledge and skills that you  need to learn.I think you need to have the spirit of self-learning when you join the work.If you don't actively explore,no one will supervise you and remind you .After work you will find that there is less freedom and there are not so many holidays for you to go out and play.The task that the leader gives you must  be done .No matter what reason you have,it is your fault that you have not finished it,May be in the school when you always late,you think it has no effect,but the work is going to clock in,if you are late every time can be recorded,so you have to do a punctual person.

  Whthin a month ,whether at work or in life ,I learn a lot of things I would never have konwn before,I think,that is growth,we need to shift our students' thinking.After take part in the work ,will say goodbye to the past,say goodbye to the young himself,and then bacome a more mature person.

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