I Like Singing

- Apr 18, 2018-

I like singing

    Everyone has their own hobby,some people like sports,some people like drawing,some people like to dance,some people like to play games,my favorite is singing.

    I don't know since when,I gradually fell in love with the music,almost every day to listen to music,no matter I happy or sad,or bored,I'll listen to music.I like immersed in the music world.

    people say that who like to listen to music will also like to sing.That's what I DO.Every time my friend said to go to KTV,I will be very happy,I can heartily singing in KTV,which made me very relaxing,the mood will become very good,as if all the troubles disappeared at this time.

    When I'm free,I also like to record songs on the phone APP,and then uploaded to the internet to share with other people,then there will always be some friends to comment and thumb up,system will acore for me,I will be so happy when I see my progress.

    Haha,do you like singing as much as I do?If so,I'd like to have a chance to sing with you .

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