I'm A Foodie

- Apr 13, 2018-

I'm a foodie

    Everyone will be in a bad mood,in this case,you need to find a way to relieve yourself.After all,being in a bad mood doesn't do you any good.

    Today,I'd like to share with you my stress relief,which is to enjoy your favorite food.Haha,did you guess?Well,I'm a foodie,I want to eat a lot of things.But I'm afraid of being overweight.However,when I am in a bad mood.I 'll enjoy the delicious food,so that I can quickly forget the unpleasant things and the mood will be better soon.So,food is very tempting for me.

   Every time I go out to travel,I care about most is not the local scenic spot,but what is the local delicious food,every time my friend they joked that trip for me is to change a place to eat.

   So,what do you like ?Is anyone like me a foodie?Haha!

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