I'm Going Home Tomorrow

- Apr 02, 2018-

I'm going home tomorrow

     I have been out for more than a month, and I haven't come home yet. To be honest, I'm really homesick.

       After leaving home, I found that staying at home was really the happiest. Every day, my mother makes delicious food. When I have difficulty, I can talk to my father. With the company of my family, I feel that I can live a warm life every day, and I feel special and practical at night.

      My parents also miss me very much and often call me or chat with me video. They always worry that I am not taking good care of myself outside .They often tell me a lot of things and want me to have a good meal. Knowing that I am going home, they are also very happy, then they will prepare the most abundant meal waiting for me.

      The time spent with my family is always so joyful and short, I hope you can cherish the time with your family.In addition, even if the work is very busy,  remember to squeeze time for your parents, after all, the work is done, but parents can't be can forever accompany in our side, I hope we don't give yourself too much regret.

     Best  wishes for you.Goodbye!

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