In London The Last Century Exquisite Makeup Box

- Jan 14, 2016-

Goldsmiths Hall, London on May 31, an exhibition on display from the 20 's to the 70 's of last century's exquisite makeup box.

Hall more than 300 exhibits from the famous jewellers, such as Cartier, baoshilong, Van Cleef Albemarle, United States etc. Some of the exhibits of the Museum's exhibitions in Beijing. "This is a very special exhibition," curator meileiduote·aiselindun-Smith told Xinhua said, "starting from 16th century Goldsmith's Guild here, this exhibition so that visitors know more about jewelry making, it covers a once-forgotten corner, and now this area is attracting more interest. ”

Makeup Kit on display not only look lavish, design is also very useful, although very small, but to leave items such as Combs, lipsticks, mirrors, some boxes also put down his pen and Notepad.

Exhibit a huanghuali wood box in the Qing dynasty in which adorned with mother of Pearl, coral, and turquoise, antique. And many other exhibits seem have "Chinese characteristics". Mr Etherington-Smith explained that they are "Shanghai style" art.

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