International Children'Day

- Jun 01, 2018-

    International Children' Day

        June 1 International Children's Day (International Children 's Day), also known as Children's Day, is the guarantee the world Children's right to life and health right and the right to education, in order to improve Children's life, in order to oppose cruelty to Children and poison Children's festival in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925 about child welfare International conference, the International council for the promotion of Children's happiness for the first time puts forward the concept of Children's Day, called for countries to set up their own Children's Day the initiative with the approval of many countries in the world Most countries usually set June 1 every year, so it is usually called the June 1 children's day international children's day.

      In June 1942, German fascists shot jie Cleveland di ce village more than 140 male citizens over the age of 16 and all babies, and women and 90 children to concentration camps The houses in the village buildings were destroyed Good carry of the village was ruined by the German fascists To mourn lidice village and all around the world in the fascist aggression war dead children, in November 1949, the international democratic women's federation directors meeting in Moscow, China and the delegates angrily revealed the imperialists and reactionaries kill poison children's crimes In order to protect children's right to life, health care and education, in order to improve children's lives, the conference decided to take June 1 every year as the international children's day.

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