Is Public Money Deposited In A Private Account For Safekeeping Or Corruption?

- May 15, 2018-

In 2017, our hospital prosecute a case of a state-owned financial officer who embezzled state property. It is clear to me that in the trial, the accusation and defense have revolved around whether the defendant has the purpose of illegally possessing the state property, whether its behavior is to be kept for custody or to constitute a crime of embezzlement.

The defendant Li Hua was formerly the financial controller of a state-owned power company in Hunan. In 2009, hhol, the general manager and legal representative of the company, instructed his subordinate company to set up a 290 thousand yuan of public money in the name of hospitality. It was privately delivered to Li Hua's private account to be deposited in Li Hua's private account. It was convenient for him to take his personal account, and ordered Li Hua to purchase a total of 149 thousand yuan of gold, which was worth a total of 149 thousand yuan, in public funds, and deposited in the company's insurance. In the cabinet, it is ready to be used for gifts and relations. Later, Huo Sheng gradually asked Li Hua to withdraw 150 thousand yuan from his private account for his expenses. In 2011, Huo Sheng transferred from the company to deal with the remaining 140 thousand yuan and 26 pieces of gold ware, did not give any account of Li Hua, nor reported to the unit. In 2013, Li Hua transferred 140 thousand yuan of public money to her husband's account to buy a house, and took the gold instrument from the company safe and gave it to her mother for safekeeping. All of them did not report to the company. In 2016, when he was in charge of the investigation, Li Hua took the initiative to account for the above facts and returned the money.

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