It Pays To Be Thrifty

- Apr 02, 2018-

It Pays to Be Thrifty

     'The love of thrift is the root of all virtue' is a famous saying that reminds us of the magnitude of thrifty in our life.It's ture that thrift thrift is a good virtue that will never be outmaded.However,along with the improvement of living standards ,many people are no longer interested in the simple life style and some even feel ashamed to be thrifty.In their eyes,thrift is already out of style.

      For one thing,practcing thrift can help us from the habit of pinching pennies.With money in hand,we will not only think what we like and what we want,but also consider about the price of the goods and whether we need them.For another .as we all know ,our governments is aiming to build an economical society .We must keep thrift in mind.In terms of our clothing food ,shelter and transport,much work can be done to save valuable resources such as water and forests.

      In a word,practicing thrift is very necessary and important.Not only is it our traditional virtue ,but also it can help us save money and resources.

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