Italy's Two Main Parties Have Signed A New Government Or Will Be Born

- May 18, 2018-

Italy's Two Main Parties Have Signed A New Government or Will be Born

       According to the online quotes Italian champions league news agency reported that 16, local time, the Italian five-star movement and alliance parties after several rounds of negotiation, two parties together to form a new coalition government eventually reach a consensus, and formally signed a cooperation agreement of both parties presented by the prime minister candidate, if all goes well for qualification recognition and passed by parliament, appointed by President, a new coalition government is expected to recently born at present, the prime minister has become the successful key to form a government.

        According to the report, according to the five-star movement party and party a coalition agreement, the two party leaders don't run for the new prime minister, will recommend the five-star movement party members together Alfonso boehner feder, reporter emilio card riley, state representatives ricardo, carol, as prime minister, a backup, run for the new prime minister.

       About the appointment of a new government minister, sources said, the five-star movement party leader meyer, will become the Italian Labour health and social security minister, giancarlo JiaoErJie alliance members serve as minister for economic development, party leader thrall pooh or league officials will be served as minister of the ministry of the interior

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