Japan Has Passed The Civil Law Amendment

- Jun 14, 2018-

Japan has Passed the Civil Law Amendment

        According to reported, 13, at the plenary meeting of the senate held in Japan, by the majority of the ruling party in favor of the amendment of the civil law The amendment will be from the current 20 adults age lowered to 18 amendment will be effective as of April 1 2022 At present, the definition of adults in 1876 , it will be more than 140 years since the first change.      

       The amendment raises the age at which women can marry to 18 from 16.The abolition of the age of marriage gap was the first since the enactment of the civil code (the family law) in 1898 At this point, only adults can get married, no longer requiring parental consent.

       The amendment would also make adults 18 and 19 years old, allowing parents to sign contracts and apply for credit CARDS without their consent.Other parts of the age requirement, such as obtaining a 10-year passport and changing a gender application, will also need to be changed to 18.

       On the other hand, considering the young people's health hazards and the problem of gambling addiction to alcohol can smoking the age of the horse and bicycle racing remains unchanged in the 20 years old In addition, as the young age to criminal cases from under 20 years old to 18 years old, whether is modified on juvenile law, will continue to be discussed in the legal review meeting But some worry that the aged 18 and 19 consumers easily involved in disputes, therefore, the Japanese government and the ruling party in the congress passed the consumer contract law amendment amendment

       For young people, under the cover of the love sign contract fraud, have the power to remove as we have learned, by chance in adult age is 2007 of national law, the law stipulated in the voting age at 18 years of age or older, the discussion of adults age began its purpose is to have been cut to the voting age of 18 years, urging young people to participate in social activities.

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